Ganguly explains why Sridhar was picked ahead of Jonty Rhodes as India's fielding coach

Staff Writer Updated: 24 August, 2019, 5:10 PM IST


The re-appointment of R Sridhar as India's fielding coach left everyone astonished as former South African cricketer and the arguably greatest fielder of all-time, Jonty Rhodes was also one of the applicants for the job. The moment Jonty applied for the role, it was thought he would take over the job of India's fielding coach from Sridhar but the national selection committee headed by MSK Prasad surprised one and all with their decision to retain R Sridhar ahead of Rhodes.

The former Indian captain has explained why India went for Sridhar ahead of Rhodes. "I think Sridhar has done a good job. The Indian fielding has been very good. You saw that in the World Cup with Ravindra Jadeja leading the pack,” said Ganguly.

“I am a big supporter of Indian coaches because communication is good, they understand the mindset. I am not saying that overseas coaches are different. At one stage, during the transition period in 2000s, we needed overseas coaches to guide young players. Now, I am extremely happy that our own home-bred coaches are given priority which is good because they have put in a lot of effort,” Ganguly explained.

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