Yusuf Pathan wants to play longer innings

Yusuf Pathan of Kolkata Knight Riders has said that he wants to play longer innings in the ongoing edition of the Indian Premier League.

“My game hasn’t changed. I have got more overs to play now, like 12-14. So keeping that in mind, my shots won’t change, but at the same time I would look to play longer innings. I am enjoying a lot,” he quoted.

“The coach and captain will take a call. If you say we cannot fix one slot (opening), we are doing well in all other slots. There are a lot of positives to take from. The more we will play, combinations will be forged. The coach and captain are thinking over opening slot and they will come out with a solution,” quoted the all-rounder. “There is no weak team, in any competition, in any sport. All teams compete against each other and every team wants to win. There are two-three teams in every competition that despite their efforts don’t do so well. That doesn’t make them a weak team,” he quoted.

“I have played for KKR for seven years. Gujarat has been in IPL for two years. I am all for KKR now and will give my best for KKR. They are also my people, Kolkata people are also my own,” Pathan added further.

“I should have finished the match (against Delhi). It’s not easy for the new batsman to continue the good work straight away. In the last match, after batting so well, I got out, which was a crime. I will try not to repeat the same mistake,” the senior Pathan conceded.

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