Want to interview Chris Gayle, pay him this much amount

The flamboyant nature and colorful nature of Chris Gayle, the self-proclaimed superstar, has revealed the amount he would be charging if someone is interested in interviewing him about the defamation case he won recently.

“I have a very interested (sic) successful story to tell!! It can be an exclusive 60mins interview or Y’all just have to wait on my next book. It’s about what transpired in court and behind the scenes in Australia, how they went to bigger heads to get me ban,” tweeted Chris Gayle recently.

“How they want to use me as a scapegoat over a interview – I’ll tell you what I do every day after court, believe me, when I break this down to y’all it will be like a movie! No holding back. Biding (sic) starts at US$300K for this interview! So much to say & I will!” he added.

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