Virat is not impressed with ICC

The Indian captain has taken an indirect dig at the ICC after Ravindra Jadeja’s ban. According to him, the governing body should come out with a more detailed approach about all the rules and regulations in order to be transparent. There is a feeling that players are not aware about offences falling in the suspension category.

Apart from Jadeja’s one match suspension, Rabada was also handed the same punishment, which was enough to ignite the debate. Former cricketers have blasted the ICC for its take on the whole matter, considering it as a step to curb the aggressive nature from cricket.

“I think players have to be much more aware going ahead and just hoping that the guidelines are very similar from now on. Because it shouldn’t vary according to how the situation is looked at. So if it is consistent then I think it is going to be a good going ahead because players will obviously be more aware of how they need to conduct themselves on the field. It will only help the game get better,” quoted Virat Kohli as per the quotes in Zee News.

Virat Kohli further added that players should be more clear about issues.

“Firstly we need to be very clear on what are the things that fall into it and what are the things that a player needs to keep in his mind while being on the field. Lot of things happen on the field, which in the thick of things or heat of the moment you end up doing,” said Kohli.

“But you don’t know what’s going to cause you one or two or three points. So I think the intent counts nowadays and that’s something that players need to keep in mind. It might be a very small thing but if the intent is to do something bad then obviously that is something that counts against the player,” he added further.

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