RP Singh’s experience paved the way for Gujarat

RP Singh who switched his domestic team, has been instrumental in winning matches for Gujurat in the Ranji Trophy this year. The left arm was an insurmountable part of team India which won the inaugural edition of T20 World Cup.

He has been featured in 6 games for Gujarat this season and also mentored the side. “We’re not paying him a single penny. We wanted to sign up a few senior players who would guide the juniors in the team,” said Gujarat coach Vijay Patel. “He’s been doing that for the past two years and we can all see the results.”

His teammate Parthiv Patel highlighted the veteran bowler’s experience. “We have a decent bench strength when it comes to fast bowlers and thus, we ensured he (Singh) doesn’t play all the games,” Patel said. “Given his age, we knew he might not be able to play all the matches but we wanted to hold on to him as someone who we could use for his experience and the big matches.”

He added, “If a bowler doesn’t want to admit that he is past his prime, it doesn’t help anyone. The plus point with him (Singh) is that he realises his role in the team,” Patel added. “He’s such a senior player, has represented the country, but if you look at the manner in which he has gelled with the team, it’s hard to think he’s joined us from a different side.”

Speaking about his action, Partthiv said, “He has one of the smoothest actions among Indian bowlers and has stuck to that throughout his career. He’s still wily and because of the simplest of actions, hasn’t had too many injuries to deal with and can play the game at his level.”

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