Rohit Sharma is like a laid-back kind of guy

Jonty Rhodes is one of the most famous cricketers in India because of his connection with the sub-continent country. Despite being from South Africa, he has kept the name of his daughter India, which is something very unique. He is associated with Mumbai Indians as fielding coach in the Indian Premier League while he is mentoring a team in the ongoing Tamil Nadu Premier League. He has always praised India for its cultural diversity. The former star is impressed with the current Indian team for the way it has performed in international cricket in the recent times.

He feels that India can rule the world cricket for a long time because of the presence of world class players. Among the Indian star players, Rohit Sharma, the opening batsman, is on the good list of Jonty Rhodes. He is bit similar to Jacques Kallis. This was stated by Rhodes.

“I have only played against (Virat) Kohli as the fielding coach of Mumbai Indians, ABD (AB de Villiers) – I haven’t seen him as a captain at all, so I can only speak with authority on Rohit Sharma, Rohit looks like a laid-back kind of guy. I remember Jacques Kallis saying how people were critical of his approach and he didn’t look like a guy who was trying,” commented Jonty Rhodes during his interview posted on TNPL website.

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