Mumbai Indians should remain confident

Mumbai Indians should remain confident

Speaking to the media after the massive defeat against Sunrisers , Kieron Pollard has insisted that it wasn't the time to play 'blame-games' and that they'd remain confident in order to stay in contention for the next round.

"Today was one of the games where you don't want to actually pin-point anything, you just want to actually forget it," he said. "We look at the performances, we just want to forget about it, because this is the back-end of the tournament and you needs guys confident. You don't needs guys with their heads down, you don't need people playing blame-games at this point in time, you need all hands on deck in order to get you back in the tournament. So for me personally I think it is one of those things you just have to forget."

"Even if we look back at last year as well, we were on a momentum, we had to win all our games and then we were actually demolished by AB de Villiers at Wankhede. That was a game for us to forget as well, we forgot it and came back strong. There's a lot of experienced guys in that dressing room, the management team are experienced enough to know how to deal with these sorts of losses. As I said before, what we need now are confident guys and guys with their heads up in order to go forward in the back-end of the tournament," Pollard said.

"Let's sum it up and say they had a better game than us. They did well in all three departments and we faltered in all three departments. You don't want to go into (whether) they bowled better or they have been doing well, So at the end of the day, we lost, it was a demoralising defeat, it was pretty disappointing, all the guys are disappointed in the dressing room and we need to pick ourselves up and come out confident in our next game," he said.

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