Jacques Kallis is not happy with Virat and wants him to change this negative aspect of his personality

Virat Kohli was all guns blazing in the fifth ODI against South Africa, punching in the air while uttering unwanted words. This shade of his personality has left Jacques Kallis fuming, who wants the Indian captain to tone down a bit.

Virat Kohli is an aggressive character, who likes to take on rivals with his willow and verbal volleys. He is involved in slugfest with rivals, exchanging alterations with them.

While some have praised the way Virat carries on during the game, few of them have criticized, terming him brash and a spoiled brat. The former South African all-rounder was a clam and cool customer during his playing days, often winning the respect of his peers.

“As a leader sometimes you cannot always be as aggressive as he is, that is an area he will work on, he is still young in his captaincy. I am sure he will chill out a little more as he gets a little bit older. But he is obviously very passionate and that is nice to see,” the all-rounder was quoted as saying in a recent interaction with the media.

This is not the first time when someone as legendary as Jacques Kallis has questioned Virat Kohli’s over the line attitude. He is getting a lot of flak since he took over from MS Dhoni as captain of India across formats.

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