How to play a perfect cover drive?

How to play cover drive?

Cricket has gone through several modifications since its evolution but the last decade or so have seen the most advance version of the game. From being an equal contest between bat and ball cricket is now transformed into more sort of a batsmen game. Shorter boundaries and gigantic bats has changed the the psychology of the bowlers, who now lay more emphasis on developing skills that can help them escape the bashing, rather than picking up wickets. Batsmen too in an attempt to counter the alteration in bowling strategies have developed several innovative shots that were hard to imagine a decade ago. The credit to such massive transformation much go to the youngest member of the cricketing format i.e the T-20. But that's all about playing in shorter formats, for Test cricket you have to be a master of the conventional shots such as a classical cover or straight drive.

Probably one of the most eye pleasing shot cover drive is a well timed stroke played through the covers. Proper practice and execution is required to play the shot as even a minute error can result in the batsman edging the ball through the slips. Thus today we are going to discuss about the technique and the correct way to play an elegant cover drive.

Step 1 - The first thing that needs to be considered before playing a cover drive should be the selection of appropriate delivery suitable for the stroke. A full delivery on off stump is considered as an ideal delivery to play the cover drive.

Step 2 - The second thing that needs to be done is to take a full stride forward towards the ball and transfer the weight onto the front foot. The head position is essential for the proper execution of the shot thus the head should be still and right above the front knee to avoid the ball going into the air.

Step 3 - After positioning yourself for the shot extend your hands towards the ball and drive the ball towards the covers. A well timed shot in all cases is most likely to go all the way.

Masters of the cover drive

When you talk about a cover drive the the name that comes first to the mind is of the former Windies skipper Brian Lara. There was nothing more pleasing to the eye watching Lara leaning into the drive and smacking the ball through the covers for a boundary. Having played the stroke 358 times for 652 runs in Tests - that's a rate of 1.82 runs per shot, Lara was the master of the cover drive. Talking about the young generation, there is hardly any batsman who plays the shot better than the Indian skipper Virat Kohli.

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