How to bowl a Googly in cricket?

How to bowl a Googly in cricket?

A Googly is a type of delivery bowled by a right-arm leg spin bowler. It is occasionally referred to as a Bosie (or Bosey) after its supposed inventor Bernard Bosanquet. It is commonly referred to as a wrong'un in Australia.

Hold the ball like a normal leg break
A bowler has to place the first joints of his index and middle finger along the seam of the ball. He hold should hold the ball with his thumb and bent ring finger.

Change point of release
A bowler should ensure the palm of his hand faces the sky and the back of his hand faces the batsman. A Googly is the bowler's secret weapon so he won't see the hand change at this time.

Twist your wrist
Twisting a wrist by 180 degrees towards the ground is the hardest part of bowling a Googly. By doing this, the ring finger turns the ball counter-clockwise which then causes the ball to break towards the batsman.

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