Hitman Choke Slams Critics after hitting hundred

He didn’t minced words while blasting critics, who have doubted him after he failed to score runs in the four ODI matches against South Africa. The right hand batsman came out with a positive intent of making vital contribution and it finally paid off when he completed his hundred.

The vice-captain of the Indian team made sure to pass on the message to critics that their opinion hardly matters to him and what they think about him as a batsman is not worth listening. Lashing out at them, Rohit Sharma questioned their credibility.

“I feel privileged if the people are talking about me on the social media. Of course. People want to talk about me, they will talk about me. But to be honest, what goes in my head is completely opposite. I am here to do something special for the team. Whenever I get an opportunity to play, I always see that I do something special for my country,” he told reporters during the post-match press conference.

He also admitted that people will talk even if he manages to score runs smoothly. “As long as you are playing the sport, good things and bad things will happen. When you are doing good things, people will talk. When you are doing bad things, people will still talk,” he added.

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