Five Reasons Why Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma’s Pair Is Magical

India's glorious run against West Indies continued in Guwahati as the Men in Blue defeated the visiting side by eight wickets. West Indies has turned out to be too weak to even challenge the strong Indian side. India had earlier whitewashed the Caribbean side in the two-match Test series.

It was expected that Windies might put up a better show in the colorful jersey. And after the first half of the series opener that was the case as the tourists hammered 322 runs on the board. But Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma put on a 246 run-stand for the second-wicket to make light work of the West Indies' total.

Today, we will take a look at Five Reasons Why Virat Kohli-Rohit Sharma’s Pair Is A Thing of Beauty:

A beautiful array of strokes

Both Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are class players. Rohit Sharma possesses a lazy elegance about his game. His drives are effortless and a joy to watch. His hooks and pulls also greatly delights the fans. When it comes to Virat, his cover-drives can drive anyone crazy as such is the picture-esque scene when he pulls off this majestic cricket shot. Apart from drives, Kohli's wristy flicks and powerful cuts also make for a splendid viewing. When they are batting together, people are so spellbound that they are compelled to leave whatever they are doing. After all, who wants to miss the top-notch cricketing exhibition on display?

Invariable Consistency

Virat and Rohit average a brilliant 65.51 as a pair in ODI cricket. In the last decade, only South Africa's De Villiers and Amla have averaged (72.34) better than the Indian pair. In 64 ODI innings, Kohli and Sharma have added 3,936 runs together. They have been involved in 15-century run-stands. Virat and Rohit have also shared five double-century partnerships, which is a world record in 50-overs format. Their consistency is just amazing and they keep turning up, every now and then. Such consistency is a pure work of art and no one wants to give a miss to an art form.

They complement each other's game

A partnership is all about understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses. A good partner knows when his/her partner needs extra care and when he/she needs to take a back step. In cricket as well, the role of partnership holds significance. It's about complementing each other and also understanding the game situations. On Sunday as well, the understanding between Kohli and Rohit was top-notch. Generally, Kohli anchors the innings with Rohit playing the aggressors role. But, yesterday, Kohli was in such an imperious touch that Rohit played second fiddle to him. One of the greatest aspects of any partnership is to know when to take the back seat, otherwise, it can impact your partner's flow, which in turn can harm the team. Ego never haunts their partnership.

Chasing prowess

Another highlight of the Rohit-Virat partnership is their ability to finish games. One of the common aspects about their game is that both batsmen like to take the game to the end. Both Rohit and Virat know how to bat responsibly and hardly throw their wickets away after getting set. They are well versed with the art of finishing games and more often than not, take the team past the winning line. Their average as a combo is a whopping 97.20 in last five years when it comes to games that India have won while chasing.

Camaraderie and Confidence

For any successful team, there needs to be a great partnership and coordination between the side's captain and vice-captain. And both Kohli and Rohit just love each other's company. The Indian skipper has many times repeated how much he enjoys batting with his deputy. It certainly reflects in the way they bat together. Also both the players are among the best white-ball players at the moment and have a tremendous level of self-belief. When two supremely skillful players bat with a high level of confidence, it is bound to be a sight to behold for fans.